Everything You Should Know About Desk RGB Lighting

Everything You Should Know About Desk RGB Lighting

RGB symbolizes red, green, and blue. These are the primary colors from which all the other colors originate. Desk RGB lighting has the Cathode, Anode, and Common pins. When power passes through these pins, they produce different colors. These lights, therefore, offer unlimited color scheme choices for multiple uses. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss the advantages of using RGB LED lights and 5 of the best gaming RGB lights. I will also talk about factors you need to consider when choosing lights for your gaming desk.


The Advantages Of Utilizing  RGB Lights

The RGB lights produce a cleaner and brighter light than ordinary lights. They are therefore suitable for specific uses. There are several benefits of RGB lights, including:

  • Good quality. The RGB lights are of better quality. They don’t break easily and last longer.
  • Energy-saving. RGB LED lights consume less energy than ordinary lights. Your electricity will be significantly lower if you switch to RGB.
  • They are cost-effective. The RGB lights are relatively cheap and easy to install and maintain. They do not require frequent cleaning.
  • Color Variety. RGB LED lights are available in different colors and are suitable for home decoration.

Types Of RGB LED Lights For Your Gaming Desk

There are many types of desk RGB LED lights that you can use for your gaming desk. Some of the best ones include:

1. The LED RGB Desk Lamp

Source: https://nerdtechy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12  

The LED desk lamp is ideal for use as a reading lamp in your office, dorm room, or bedroom. The light has a sleek design and improved lighting technology features to match your room color temperature. 

The desk lamp has auto-dimming mode and synchronizes with your room brightness level. Also, it can mimic the colors of the environment. The curved head design allows it to illuminate the whole desk without the glaring risk to your eyes.

2. The LED Color Changing RGB Strip Lights 

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The color-changing LEDs have a controller; you can easily select your desired color scheme using a remote. The strips are easy to install. You can cut them to fit the size of your desk. Also, they have an inline control that automatically changes colors.

3. The LED RGB Light Bars

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Adding the LED RGB light bars to your desk can upgrade your gaming room and immerse you into a fascinating gaming world. The RGB Smart light bars give you endless color combination choices to fit your desired gaming mood. 

With the Smart lighting bars, you have the right motivation to conquer your gaming battles.

4. Neon RGB Desk Lights

Source: https://www.ledvv.com/file

You can boost your cyberpunk gaming vibes by adding some personality with an immersive glow of a neon sign. The neon signs have many options, including lamp style and wall mounts. Therefore, you can fully customize your gaming experience by pimping up your desk lighting with different neon signs.

5. The Star Projector

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From those performing shameless plugs in the excitement of landing a viral post or tweet to Tiktoking, star projectors have gained users in recent years. And this has been for good reasons. These dreamy lights can give your gaming desk a magical ambiance even if you are not a drake.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Suitable Desk RGB Lighting

If you have a hard time deciding the suitable desk RGB lighting for your gaming desk, the following factors can help you make a choice.

  • Durability. Even if you spend most of the time sitting at the gaming desk, physical movement can be present. Therefore, it would be best to select a lighting fixture that can withstand accidental bumps in prolonged use.  
  • Connectivity. If you are inclined toward convenience and prefer doing everything using an app, it would be best to select a Smart light. Get lighting with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity options. You can control it using your phone. If you prefer controlling manually, you may use an ordinary desk lamp, and you may use laser bulbs. 
  • Colour choice. Low brightness and soft colors are the best options for an enhanced and unique gaming mood. Dim, warm, soft reds, blues, and greens have an immersive relaxing feeling to help you concentrate on the game. 
  • Mood setting. It is not ideal playing under glaring white light. The best way is to get lost in the gaming fantasy. You require unique lighting patterns, designs, or colors to achieve that mood.
  • Adjustability. It is advantageous to have a flexible light that you can adjust its orientation and positioning. It will be more convenient for any playing position because you can have it illuminate wherever you want. 
  • Ambient glow. Lighting for your desk may not have to resemble the entire home lighting. Therefore you might want a kit with a soothing ambient radiance for an intensive and enhanced gaming experience. 
  • Ease of installation. Consider the setting up requirements of your lights and the effort and time it will take; if you already have a lamp, perhaps you should try out a different bulb. On the other side, if you have more time to spend, the LED strips could be your right fit. Chose that option that will make the most sense for your needs and space.

Final Thoughts

The RGB LED lights make the best for decorative lighting. They are customizable and versatile, and you can use them for different applications. If you need assistance with desk RGB lighting, contact us at Yeelight. We have the best RGB lighting for your gaming desk requirements.