Yeelight Sunset Projection Lamp —The Best Sunset Projection Lamp

Yeelight Sunset Projection Lamp —The Best Sunset Projection Lamp

Q: What is a sunset projection lamp?

A: A sunset projection lamp is a lamp that projects a golden hour-like effect onto walls. And the Yeelight Sunset Projection Lamp is one of those sunset projection lamps on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram that have gone viral.  

Q: Can I bring this sunset projection lamp when I travel?

A: Yes, the sunset light is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about finding a socket outdoor. Sunset light has lightweight and compact design, suitable for almost any scene and it can support long-term outdoor photography use.

Q: What is the size of this bedside lamp?

A: 82 mm * 82 mm * 95 mm. It is small in size and very handy.

Q: Does this sunset lamp need to use a USB cable?

A: Yes. This sunset projection lamp is a rechargeable design. You only need a USB cable to charge it, no need to plug it in while used.

Q: How many amps is the battery on the lamp?

A: The battery is 1800 mAh

Q: How do I adjust the brightness of the sunset lamp?

A: There is an adjustable button on the lamp body. You can adjust the brightness. Yeelight sunset lights will bring you the light closest to a natural sunset!

Q: Does this sunset light support mobile phone link and control?

A: It does not support mobile phone operation and settings.

Q: What kind of charging cable is used for the sunset projection lamp?

A: Please use the original charging cable or use the ordinary USB-C charging cable to charge; due to the charging protocol problem, dual-head USB-C charging cable charging is not supported.

Q: Why does the sunset light automatically turn off after it turns on?

A: That means the battery is low. Please charge the sunset light.

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Q: Is this sunset projection lamp rotatable?  

A: Different from the general sunset lamp, the Yeelight sunset projection lamp uses magnetic technology and can be rotated 360 degrees, producing different lights from different angles. The shape and size of the halo can also be changed by rotating the lamp, affording endless possibilities.

The greater the distance, the greater the projection of sunset light onto the wall or ceiling. Our sunset light can fit most tripods, or you can fix it on the wall with screws.

Q: How about the quality of this sunset projection lamp?

A: It features high-quality ABS material and a high transmission glass optical lens, producing no unpleasant odor. The COB light source features energy-saving, corrosion resistance, anti-glare, and a long service life. more pleasurable for your eyes.

Q: How about the after-sales service if I am not satisfied or it is damaged? 

A: We have a 30-day money-back policy and life-time customer support. If you have any questions related to the products, we are happy to serve you at any time. Please rest assured!

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