Best Monitor Light Bars for Gamers: Why Didn’t Someone Think of this Sooner?

Best Monitor Light Bars for Gamers: Why Didn’t Someone Think of this Sooner?

If you are a gamer, are you having these problems?

Headache & Eye Strain

Experience eye strain and even a headache after spending long periods of time staring at computer screens or televisions and absorbing blue light.

Tired & Distracted

You may feel tired, distracted, or deeply fatigued after playing the same game for an extended period of time. These issues could be the result of poor lighting in your environment, with overly harsh fluorescents and too dim lighting being the most common culprits. 


Alternatives: Desk Lamp or Backlight?  

Your desk lamp causes screen glare, takes up valuable gaming space, and most likely does not match your gaming setup. Your monitor’s backlight does not illuminate enough space, burns out quickly, and may cause damage to the monitor. 


You may use dim lights, fluorescent lights, or RGB lights to get the most out of your games, even if they may be harmful to your eyes. Turning on all of the lights in your area detracts from the thrill of being fully immersed in the game. 


To provide the best gaming experience possible, your gaming light should accomplish three main objectives: 



Your gaming setup should make you feel at ease at all times. TTo be most comfortable when playing for extended periods of time, you need to have a gaming light that delivers exactly the perfect amount of brightness while being glare-free. The brightness largely depends on your screen’s brightness and the gaming set. Generally, light brightness should no be brighter than your screen light, just to make your eyes more comfortable. You can manually adjust all the settings to your eyes. Or, even better, choose those lights that are dimmable or feature auto-dimmer.    


Gaming Mood

Do you want to take gaming to the next level of immersion? Invest in a sleek lamp with adjustable light settings and a sophisticated design that complements your gaming equipment. The calming warm lighting, which complements your gaming setup, assists you in creating the optimum ambience for various gaming situations.


RGB LEDs are also a great help for setting up the right gaming mood. Red, blue, and green LEDs are referred to as RGB LEDs. RGB LED lighting products use these three colors to generate over 16 million different light colors.


Players want to be immersed in the game’s world while they play. The use of RGB colored light in lighting design applications is best for generating a cool ambiance. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple should be used when creating a cool vibe for gamers. 


Improved Performance 

To attain peak performance and be the greatest gamer you can be, you need accurate lighting with a cool color temperature that allows you to concentrate for extended periods of time without lightening up the whole room. 


LED monitor light bars achieve all three objectives, so you don’t have to pick between fun and health. Most of them allow you to choose from different brightness settings and color temperatures to provide appropriate illumination for relaxation and attention. The auto and manual light settings give a plethora of choices for changing your game illumination based on various conditions. Also, the sleek and space-saving monitor accessory that mounts to the top of your display free up your space and leaves you no wire on the desk that can possibly disturb your gaming experience.  


This is why you should think about obtaining a light bar for your display. Spending hours each day in front of a computer may be exhausting on your eyes, particularly if you are sitting in a dark room with a monitor as the sole source of light.

What is Monitor Light Bar 


A monitor light bar (screen bar) is a piece of hardware that connects to the top edge of your display. It brightens dark regions on your desktop without producing glare like other traditional desk lamps. It’s an excellent way to enhance the ergonomic lighting conditions at your desk. This is essentially a modern version of the “desk lamp.” It is intended to cast light downward onto your desk without the need for a surface.


What are the Benefits of a Monitor Light Bar for Gamers

  • Reduce Eye Strain: Monitor light bar contributes to eye strain reduction by avoiding screen reflection, which minimizes glare and dazzle. They assist in filtering out certain wavelengths of light, alleviating eye strain and glare caused by LED displays.


  • Monitor lights or light bars are an excellent choice for desks with limited vertical space since they occupy the vertical area above your monitor. 


  • They conserve energy. Monitor light bars conserve energy since they use very little of it. Most monitors, in fact, only need 1-5 watts of electricity. If you used standard incandescent lights, though, you would need a lot more watts of electricity simply to have them shine brightly enough.

  • They are compact and lightweight. 

  • They make typing more convenient. When you utilize monitor light bars, typing becomes much easier. If you need to type in low-light environments or if your keyboard lacks backlighting, you should consider purchasing one.


  • They enhance ergonomics in the workplace by allowing for color temperature adjustment. 

  • They guarantee that the light is directed at your workplace rather than your monitor, which is a common problem with most table lamps.


  • Enhances vision – monitor lights bars give outstanding contrast and lighting for work, hobbies, and anything else that necessitates improved visibility.

Monitor Light Bar Best for Gamers


Yeelight LED Monitor Light Bar Pro


Game Sync

Color Mood Light  

Adjustable Color Temperature

Rotary Switch

Rated Input: DC 5V/2A

Light Dimensions: Φ23.0×485.5mm

Switch Knob Dimensions: Φ66.5×34.0mm

Rated Power: 10W (80×0.2W/ LED module+40×0.2W/LED module)

Yeelight LED Monitor Light Bar Pro, at a cost of around $65, provides a wide range of pre-set light modes for gamers. It is especially designed for gamers who wish for an upgraded gaming experience. With it, you can enjoy not only the common benefits of a monitor light bar. 

The Monitor Light Bar Pro allows gamers to celebrate your heroic actions with 16 million colors, creating the perfect lighting effects for your every move. Just set up your favorite light color and effect mode while enjoying the interactive lighting with this Chroma enabled device, such as keyboard and mouse pad.  


The light bar works well with smart home platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. It can be controlled by voice, app, or wireless remote. Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro is made for those who want to have a home gaming room, a good choice for your eye health that prevents reflections on your computer screen. In addition, the magnetic-mounted light bar also provides adjustable lighting orientation with up to 25 degrees to significantly reduce glare.


Better still, the light bar can be easily integrated with major gaming platforms, including Razer Chroma™ RGB and Overwolf, creating a more immersive gaming experience by offering interactive lighting for mainstream PC games.

Equipped with a remote rotary knob, the light bar allows you to switch conveniently between game lighting and office lighting, with brightness and color temperature adjustable by turning the knob, the app, or voice control.

Monitor light bar for curved monitors: This light bar is compatible with both straight and curved monitors. Just easily attach it to the top of your monitor, and enjoy the beautifully designed light and an ultimate gaming experience.    

One of the most exciting gaming room lighting ideas is to employ backlighting, which aims to accentuate certain features. It creates a stunning impression in your room with just a little effort from you. Backlit panels and screens both benefit greatly from the use of these types of lighting. 

A good thing with Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro is that it comes with a monitor light and an RGB dimming ambient backlight. With it, you can add a nice dash of flair and inventiveness to the space.


There are a lot of monitor light bars available on the market, but for us, the Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro stood out from the crowd owing to its excellent build, finish and features. It delivers glare and flicker-free illumination with the option to change your temperature and brightness using a wireless remote. And to top it off, the aluminum finish is hard to pass up on when most of its rivals (for comparable cost) are selling plastic body finishes. Any of these monitor lights will light up your desk brightly and properly, however for its price and characteristics, Yeelight takes away the crown of monitor light bar.


BenQ Screenbar

Image source:

Dimensions: 3.54″D x 17.72″W x 3.62″H

Material: Aluminum


Adjustable Color Temperature

Monitor Thickness: 0.4″ – 1.2″

Curved Monitor: >=1500R 


This is a high-end choice with a plethora of fantastic features. It’s a slim, USB-powered light with a straightforward, silicone-padded mounting clamp. 

Image source:

Despite being designed for gamers, the BenQ Screenbar is a helpful addition to almost any workstation or PC. Designed specifically to give a pleasant experience in any dark or poorly light space. In fact, although it is not essential, it works nicely with RGB accents or any other lighting you may already have in your setup. 


Overall, the BenQ Screenbar seems to be an excellent choice for people searching for the finest LED bulb for their monitor. It’s well-built, comes with features that are genuinely helpful, and can be used on any display without any compatibility issues. It’s also quite bright, providing a beautiful, even “spread” of light on your keyboard and desktop work space. The best part is that there are no glare problem. In reality, it simply appeared to improve the appearance of the screen. 


Unfortunately, the BenQ Screenbar is a tad on the pricey side. At slightly over $100, it requires more of a financial commitment to purchase than other, less costly choices. However, the $100 is reasonably warranted considering you’re receiving a high-end machine with no low-quality components. However, bear in mind that it is only ideal for monitors — laptop users should definitely choose the BenQ Laptop ScreenBar. This laptop-specific variant is quite similar, but considerably lighter and more portable.


Quntis Computer Monitor Light

Image source:

Sensitive Touch Control

3000K-6500K stepless color temperature 

Auto-Dimming Design

Manual Stepless Dimming

Memory Function

USB Powered

Dimensions: 17.3 x 4.5 x 2.0 inches


When it comes to design, the Quntis Computer Monitor Light is as simple as they come. It’s just a basic bar light with a clamp attachment and a USB power line. It’s a little more than 10 inches wide, so it won’t fit particularly large keyboards. However, it will fit well on the majority of small to mid-sized computers. The housing is made of matte black ABS plastic. This assures that there are few highlights, so you won’t be distracted from your screen. It also ensures that your light will not become a fingerprint magnet. The only ornamentation on the housing are the words “Quntis” and “Screen Linear” on the top left and right, respectively. 


The lamp has a 45-degree angle. This makes it almost ideal for a standard laptop keyboard. The light is hinged where it meets the clamp. This means you may shift it up or down as required to get the perfect angle. Furthermore, the clasp and hinge are strengthened with polycarbonate. This makes them stronger than ABS plastic, strengthening the light’s highest-stress areas. The LEDs are expected to endure at least 100,000 hours. This implies your light will outlive the laptop you’re using to power it. 


The set includes a basic carrying bag. It’s just a drawstring bag with no crush protection or anything. Even so, the soft velvet texture will provide enough scratch prevention. At a price of around $40, it is pretty fair a deal if you are looking for a budget yet functional choice. 




So, which of these USB LED lights is best for your monitor? Begin with the BenQ Screenbar. It appears to feature all the bells and whistles, as well as excellent build quality. It’s a fan favorite since it has a brightness of up to 1000 lumens and automated adjustment settings. On the other side, it comes at a cost — it’s a little more costly than some individuals are ready to pay. In this matter, Yeelight LED Monitor Light Bar Pro comes as a great alternative for its reasonable price and high-end quality that is no less than BenQ Screenbar.  


After looking at what BenQ and Yeelight have to offer, we looked at two more affordable possibilities. The Quntis Computer Monitor Light came next. It’s not the brightest light on the planet. In fact, it’s one of the tiniest lights you’ll come across. This may be a concern for desktop users and owners of big laptops. However, for tiny to mid-sized computers, this is a boon. You receive enough light without adding additional weight for travel. Furthermore, the illumination settings are surprisingly strong for such a little bulb. You may choose between ten distinct brightness levels and three different color temperatures. Most folks will have more than enough leeway to attain optimum lighting settings.