EQ About Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S 

EQ About Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S 

Q: How do I use the extension pack?

A:When using the lightstrip extension, make sure the tail plug is correctly inserted at the end of the light strip, and after the extension light is correctly connected, power off and reboot to activate the light.


Q: How do I shorten the Yeelight lightstrip?

A: Use a pair of scissors to cut along an indicated trim line and use the app to reset the length, cut the power, and reactivate the light again.

Q: Will the light strip cause glare?

A: No, the light is very soft and will not hurt your eyes.


Q: Can the light strip be connected to Xiaomi speakers?

A: Yes, the light can be easily connected to Mi smart products via the Mi Home app.


Q: Does the light strip work with Razer Chroma?

A: 1S Smart LED Light Strip integrates perfectly with major gaming ecosystems, such as Razer Chroma and Overwolf. It enables responsive lighting effects triggered by game events.


Q: Does the light strip work with Alexa?

A: Yes. 1S Strip features a more stable connection with your favorite smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, etc.



Q: How long is the light strip?


There are three product models:

Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S

Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S Extension


Strip 1S is flexible to fit into any place of your home. Simply measure your space, cut the light strips to length, and stick them into place – and easily extend their reach up to 10m with Yeelight extension kits.


Image credit: b2b.innpro.pl


Q: Is it possible to make a longer chain than the 10m with a bigger power supply?

A: Probably so. Usually the stated limit is due to the included power supply. The limitation of 10m stated in the description is related to the included power supply. I am confident that with a “bigger” power supply, you could string many of these together to get pretty much any length you need. LEDs are simple and forgiving in this respect.


Q:Can you use this light strip with the Yeelight app?

A: Yes. It works just like one of Yeelight smart light bulbs. You can easily automate multiple Strip 1S throughout your home with smart group controls, timers, brightness, and color temperature adjustment, and can be easily controlled anytime, anywhere with the Yeelight smartphone app.


The only difference is that there is no sunlight category for the light strip, but you can still find colors close to the sunlight settings.


Q: Can you pair the Yeelight lightstrip with a smart things hub and motion detector?

A: Yes, you can.  


Q: Can I use the lightstrip outside? like for my garden?

A: No, it is meant for indoor use and is not waterproof.


Q: Is this lightstrip dimmable?

A: Yes. It is dimmable and tunable.


Q: Can this lightstrip display multiple colors at once? Or will all of the LEDs on the strip always display the same color?

A: The LEDs will all display the same color, but it has the effect that cycles through different colors.


Q: Can I bend this lightstrip as I want?

A: Yes. You can indulge your imagination with the soft light that can bend around corners or run over curved surfaces. You can attach it to your computer desk or personalize your “battlefield”, enhancing the vibe to your liking.


Q: How about the after-sales service if I am not satisfied or it is damaged? 

A: We have a 30-day money-back policy and life-time customer support. If you have any questions related to the products, we are happy to serve you at any time. Please rest assured!

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