FQA About Yeelight Arwen Ceiling Light 450S and 550S

FQA About Yeelight Arwen Ceiling Light 450S and 550S

Q: Is there any requirement for a smartphone to control this light?

A: Yes. Android 4.4. and above, as well as iOS 8 and above.  


Q: What’s the size and height of the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light?

A: Arwen S comes in two sizes,φ455 and φ555, which are suitable for rooms of 15-25㎡and 25-35㎡. Metal frames further incorporate the elegance of curves into an ultra-thin structure.


Q: Is there any accessory for the ceiling light?

A: Yes. It is equipped with a lamp-holder.


Q: What’s the ceiling light fixture?

A: With patented quick-change fixtures, you may quickly install the light by gently locking the easy-to-install light base in place.


Q: What’s the color mood of the ceiling Light?

A: Arwen S comes with 16-million color mood lights at your disposal. You may turn on the main light and mood light together to create a dreamy environment, or separately to add a feeling of romance.


Q: Are ceiling lights bad for babies?

A: No, Arwen supports moonlight mode with an ultra-low brightness, which is ideal for nighttime use because it emits a soft, comfortable glow that reduces glare and eyestrain, just like the moonlight.


  1. Can I adjust the color temperature of the ceiling light?

A: Yes, you can adjust the color temperature of the light from 2700k to 6500k.

Q: What’s the power of the ceiling light?

A: 50w


Q: What’s the lifetime of this ceiling light?

A: About 25,000 hours.


Q: What’s the operating voltage?

A: 220-240V~50/60Hz, Max. 0.23 A


Q: What are the do’s and don’ts when you install and use the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light? And is this ceiling light easy to install?



1.Before using the light, please check if the voltage conforms to the operating voltage of the product. Using improper voltage might damage the product and bring hidden danger.  Especially if you have purchased your unit elsewhere besides us.yeelight.com.  

2.Although this product is relatively simple to install and remove, it is recommended that you engage a certified electricianPLEASE NOTE that the LED module/driver can’t be changed and there is no bulb to change. Please don’t break up the product.

3.Ceiling light will produce heat. Please keep the ventilation open for effective heat dissipation.


Q: Is there an independent software for app control?

A: Yes. For the moment, besides using the Xiaomi Smart Home APP,you can also use the independent Yeelight APP to control your light.


Q: Can this light connect to two or above smart phones?

A: Yes. This light supports sharing and can connect to several smartphones. There’s no limitation of the number.


Q: Can one smartphone connect to several ceiling lights?

A: Yes. There’s no limit to the number.


Q: How far is the connecting distance between the ceiling light and smartphone?

A: There’s no limitation, as long as your smartphone and the ceiling light both are in a Wi-Fi environment.


Q: How far is the connecting distance between the ceiling light and the router?

A: Within 30 meters (no block).


Q: How to reset the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light?

A: Turning on/off the light continually 5 times through a physical switch. When the light takes on the breathing effect, you have reset successfully.


Q: Does the ceiling light support firmware upgrades?

A: Yes. When new firmware is released, you can upgrade the light by setting the option to “Check the Firmware Update” in the APP. 

Q: Does the ceiling light support Light Off Delay?

A: Yes. Just by setting the option to Turn Off Delay in the APP; the time range is from 1 to 60 mins. 

Q: Does it support controlling several ceiling lights at the same time?

A: Yes. By setting the option of “Recreate Light Group” in the APP, you can take several ceiling lights into one light group and control them together.


Q: How many modes does the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light have?

A: Two. The first is Sunlight Mode, and the other is Night Light Mode.


Q: Is there any requirement for routers?

A: No. All brands of routers with Wi-Fi enabled are supported.