How Much are LED Wall Panels and What is the Best Deal?

How Much are LED Wall Panels and What is the Best Deal?

Smart light panels lights have become so hot in the gaming field  that they have become a new “fashion” among computer-savvy individuals. When it first came out, it was seen as being overpriced, but since then, several other companies have arisen, offering customers alternatives at more reasonable costs.


While you’re thinking about adding LED light panels to your room, you may be curious about how much LED wall panels and what elements contribute to the cost. If you’ve ever wondered this, I’ve broken down the elements that determine the pricing of LED light panels for you!


How Much are LED Wall Panels


LED wall panels are offered by various brands in the market, such as Yeelight, Nanoleaf, Lifx, IKEA, etc., with the price ranging anywhere from $ 50-$ 700. An LED light panel’s price is determined by its brand, the number of light panels, the quality of the LED components, and other value-added features. There are several factors that influence the ultimate pricing, and it is beneficial to investigate all of them before picking a product for your application.


You’ll spend $229 for a nine-panel beginning package from Nanoleaf, which includes a power supply and the Nanoleaf Rhythm module, which enables the panels to coordinate color changes with whatever music you’re listening to. A three-panel extension kit costs $60.


For Lifx Light Panels, $250 gives you a five-panel starting kit with a power supply. Extension sets are not yet available; each power supply can only handle the five panels that come with it.


Best Cost-effective LED Smart Panel Lights


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The Yeelight Smart RGB Light Panels (6 pcs) are priced at $ 139.9; the triangle expansion (3 pcs) is $ 49.9; and the package of the light panels (6 pcs) and triangle expansion is together sold at $ 179.99. This price, compared with most of the smart wall panels on the market, such as Nanoleaf Smart Panels ($229 for 9 pcs) offers a more affordable and cost-effective choice, yet with no quality or function-related factors compromised.


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There are six distinct light panels in the box of Yeelight Smart RGB Light Panels; the packaging is really great. You will have these small connecting chips that will link each panel, a bunch of stick tape to adhere these things to your wall or whatever surface you like, a power brick, connecting cables, and so on.


They are very light and thin, which is ideal for the purpose, and you can connect them up with nanochip connectors with corresponding cutouts, giving you a very flexible way of putting them up very creatively, and if you need more panels, you can get it with the extensions pack, which includes three more panels to create the patterns you want. Connecting a power brick to just one of them will light them all up.