LED Panel Lights vs. LED Box Light, Which is the One?

LED Panel Lights vs. LED Box Light, Which is the One?

LED panel lights and LED box lights are applicable to both household and commercial uses. They are intended to replace standard fluorescent ceiling lights and to be installed on suspended grid ceilings or recessed ceilings is what this sort of lighting fixture is.


Without visible bulbs or hot spots, LED panel lighting creates a smooth and faultless wall of illumination that is free of flaws.


Because of their adaptability, they may be placed on a variety of surfaces and utilized in a variety of applications. Panel lights and box lights are cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional T8 fluorescent troffer lighting, whether you are replacing an existing fixture or starting a new construction project in your home or business.


This article will review LED Panel Lights and LED box lights, explaining what they are, and which one is better to fit your different purposes.    


What is LED Light Box


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Light boxes are popular pieces of devices that are used to light graphic displays by illuminating them through an exterior frame. In the case of an LED light box, the structure makes use of LEDs to illuminate a cloth that has been dragged over a frame.


What are LED Light Boxes for and Why Them  


A Great Marketing Tool


An LED light box is used to illuminate many sorts of graphic displays.


There is no doubt that light boxes are effective when it comes to raising visibility and capturing the attention of customers. As a consequence, it is a well-known fact that illuminated graphics may perform miracles when it comes to advertising particular products and can improve sales handsomely.


LED light boxes have taken the globe by storm and are in high demand in the business sector.  Furthermore, they may be used to market items that are specific to other comparable areas.


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Raise the Value of Artwork

Furthermore, the intensity of the displays ensures that you only receive the clear and correct visuals necessary for presentations or exhibitions. They may also be wall-mounted or freestanding, and come in a range of sizes and forms to better fit your requirements. They are widely used at exhibits to ensure that artworks are properly lighted.  


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Taking Amazing Photos

You’ll need a good lighting setup if you’re going to capture photos or films. Unlike other forms of lighting kits, LED box lights are very simple to carry, put up, and dismantle. They can be made light and small, even to the point of fitting in your pocket. They are also user-friendly, so even inexperienced photographers can identify ideal lighting settings without having a PhD in lighting engineering.


What is Smart Light Panel


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Smart light panels are modular LED smart lights that can change colors. For instance, the Yeelight Smart RGB Light Panels allow you to enjoy 16 million colors with the Yeelight app. They can also be operated by voice commands and the manual controller.


Smart light panels are an intriguing alternative to regular light bulbs for adding light to your room. They’re a terrific method to make your room more vivid. The lighting panels may be connected to one another on either side, enabling you to construct a variety of different shapes and sizes with them.


What is Smart Light Panel for and What’re the Benefits


The Best Gaming Light   


The Yeelight Smart RGB Light Panels integrate with major gaming RGB platforms, such as Razer Chroma and Overwolf, sensing and visualizing your gaming mood or on-screen activity in real-time. I!

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Design as You Like


The triangular, square, or hexagonal LED panels can be combined into any desired layout to cater to any mood and occasion, adding a touch of personal color to your house.  


It Dances to Music


With 20 rhythmic modes, the panels are designed for all scenarios. By connecting the lights to the music by the built-in MIC with sound recognition, or a headphone via audio Y-cable, you can add stunning color to your music.    


It’s Smart


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Some smart light panels (such as Yeelight Smart RGB Light Panels) are also Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible, allowing you to control the lights with your voice through your preferred assistant. Turning on and off lights, altering brightness, colors, and more, you’d enjoy configuring Google Home routines to alter the lighting with a few words.   




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LED box lights have grown in popularity in recent years, and further advancements in this field are likely to emerge. Users may change the photographs with a single snap while on the go, without having to remove the complete frame from where it was placed.


All you have to do is unsnap the frame, replace it, then snap it back together. There is no need for specialist equipment, and the process may be performed in less than 30 seconds.


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On the other hand, the most important purpose of the smart light panels is to make your place appear nicer. With the solid surface, fine build, smart control and an array of amazing light effects, they are designed for your home, making your office hours or gaming time more enjoyable.


Therefore, although look alike and sometimes almost confusing because they are basically both LEDs in a “box”, LED box lights and LED panel lights are actually different categories and designed for different purposes. Now, with more understanding about them, you can choose the right light according to the specific use.