The Most Popular Kitchen Lighting Ideas in 2021

The Most Popular Kitchen Lighting Ideas in 2021

The Most Popular Kitchen Lighting Ideas in 2021


Just as you require nutritious, well-balanced meals on a daily basis, your kitchen requires a well-balanced mix of different forms of lighting to help you operate more efficiently. We understand that not everyone is well-versed in the technicalities of kitchen lighting. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of the must-have kitchen lights for each sort of activity you perform and where to put them in the kitchen. 


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Why is Kitchen Lighting so Important?


Proper lighting is essential in every space of your house. This holds true especially in the kitchen. When it comes to decorating your house, the importance of proper lighting in a kitchen should not be disregarded. In reality, careful thought should be given not only to the sort of illumination provided, but also to where it is situated.


The selection of kitchen lighting is critical for various reasons. To begin, it is critical to create a well-lit work environment that increases visibility and assures your safety while cooking. The countertops and other surfaces should be well-lit so that food preparation is simple and efficient. If you have enough light in this area, you may be sure of the cleanliness of your kitchen. You will be able to see dirt and debris in the countertops, gaps, and crevices.


Furthermore, the right lighting will keep your food appearing good and appealing to both you and any visitors you may host.


What Kind of Lighting is Best for a Kitchen?


Ambient Lighting



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Ambient lighting, as the name implies, is utilized to provide a contemporary and general illumination in a room. You may use them in addition to natural illumination or to make up for a lack of it. While there are many different types of ambient lighting, your kitchen requires a few specialized ones, such as these:


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights



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The ceiling is the most in need of ambient lighting. The higher and brighter you go, the greater the illumination. Dome-shaped, flush mount, or semi-flush mount lights are commonly used to illuminate medium to small kitchens. A single or two flush mount lights are enough. 


Tips: For flush mount fixtures, use a mix of warm and white light bulbs.


Recessed Lights



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Recessed lighting is the holy grail of kitchen lighting, especially if you dislike hanging lights. They slot straight into your ceiling and look incredibly stylish while providing plenty of light. You can put 3-6 recessed lights in a medium-sized kitchen. Make sure to arrange them in a grid so that they seem aligned and have a modern minimalism style.   


Recommendation: When installing recessed lighting, always choose white light bulbs first.


Task Lights



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After you’ve finished with ambient lighting, which will assist brighten your kitchen, you should consider the kind of jobs you’ll be performing in this room. When you stand in front of countertops or any other position in your kitchen, ambient lighting frequently creates a shadow. As a result, task lighting is required in the kitchen. 


Track lights, as the name implies, are a strip of lights placed in a linear pattern on the ceiling. This is a contemporary form of kitchen lighting in which a series of track lights are placed atop your island or breakfast counter. People also put it next to the counter since it works well as a focal light. However, you must verify that the angle is proper so that no shadows fall on your counter.


Warm light bulbs are preferred for track lighting systems. Make sure you choose LED bulbs for improved lighting.


Under-cabinet Lights



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Under cabinet lighting, one of the most helpful and favorite task lights for a kitchen, is utilized to establish direct attention on the worktop. LED strips can be used and put behind wall cabinets. This style of LED kitchen lighting is ideal for brightening up dark places and removing the shadow created by cupboards on the countertop. 


Strip Lights : Versatile and useful for illuminating the interior of a cabinet, especially low cabinets that don’t get much natural light. Under the cabinet, LED strip lights are also employed to fully illuminate counter spaces.


Puck Lights : Available in round and oval shapes, puck lights are fantastic mood lights that may be used to brighten worktops as a scallop, spot, or pool of light.


Tips: If you have a neutral-ish backsplash, warm light strips are a must. Only use white or cool light strips for the colored backsplashes.


Accent Lighting



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Accent lighting is more like ornamental lights that supplement your kitchen’s current lighting. Accent lights may be used to give a subtle focus on some crucial objects in the kitchen. When it comes to accents, there are absolutely no boundaries, making it one of the most diverse kitchen lighting options.


Wall Sconces/lights on the Wall


Wall sconces or wall-mounted lights are similar to flush mount lights in appearance but differ only in placement. Wall sconces are mounted on the wall whereas flush mounts are positioned on the ceiling. You might try putting a wall sconce on any wall or next to your breakfast counter if you have space. It is elegant, contemporary, and aids in lighting up the wall.


Tips: As previously said, there are no regulations, however, we recommend that you choose warm lighting for wall sconces. It casts a lovely glow around the room.


Pendant Lights



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So you have a kitchen island or a breakfast bar that serves as a meeting place for your family? Then you should get some lovely pendant lights. These ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures come in a range of designs and sizes. We adore these bubble lights, which provide a sleek touch to this kitchen while still hanging low enough to illuminate the counter.


Tips: Always use warm light bulbs in pendant lights. Also, because they are ornamental and serve as a focal point. Make sure there is at least 30-32 inches of space between the countertop and the bottom of the lamp.


Where to Install Kitchen Lighting—The Layout


Task or Ambient Lighting above Your Island


You’ll want to light your island differently depending on whether it includes an integrated cooktop/workspace or is primarily for socializing.


However, mini-pendants will suffice for ambient hang-out islands (such as counter seating): Pendants should be spaced approximately 30-32 inches apart while 30-36 inches over the island, with a minimum of 6 inches from the island’s border.


Pendants are the first option. A set of two pendant lights put over a kitchen island should be at least 30 inches from the middle of the island and 30-32 inches between the countertop and the bottom of the pendant, as a rough rule of thumb. A set of three pendant lights should be placed exactly as high, evenly spaced, and at least 6 inches from the edge of the island.


Focus on the Ceiling: Ambient Lighting 


Recessed downlighting is the first option. Recessed downlighting is the absolute requirement for ambient kitchen lighting. In a smaller kitchen, you might be able to get away with one bigger flush mount ceiling light in the middle, but contemporary kitchen recessed lighting will provide you with a more tailored lighting system. Grid out the lights in straight lines along the axis of your countertops to distribute light equally across your kitchen, with an emphasis on illuminating high-use areas. If you’re concerned about going too bright, consider installing dimmers to allow you control over a variety of lighting settings.


Pendant lighting is ideal for illuminating an island or bar. It hangs low enough to provide soft illumination. We recommend that if you use pendant lighting, you also use another type of lighting in the remainder of the kitchen. You could also add a tiny table light on a counter for a cozier appearance and feel.


Where Should Kitchen DownlightsAim?


As a result, placing them above your kitchen table, stove, island, or counters is the ideal option, as these locations demand the most lighting.


How Should Downlights be Spaced?


If you don’t have any additional illumination, you may intermittently set these lights where you’ll need them the most. If you’re using two of these lights over an island or table, space them approximately a third of the way apart.


Should Kitchen Island Pendant Lights be Centered?


Pendant lights should be positioned above the island where there will be the most requirement for light. This is where the light should be directed if you are preparing or serving meals. You can center it if your sink is in that location or if it is where you need to see the most. 


You may install two lights, one at each end, if you choose. Some individuals even choose to hang three pendant lights above the kitchen island, appropriately spaced. It all relies on your requirements and the appearance you want to achieve.


What Is the Best Color Light for the Kitchen?


The Effects of Light Color on the Kitchen


The selection of a light hue has a significant influence on both the aesthetics and operation of the kitchen. The color light spans from yellow to white. If the light is excessively yellow, the color of the kitchen may be greatly distorted. On the other hand, too much white light will make the kitchen look sterile, chilly, and unwelcoming. 


However, in terms of utility, it is equally critical to select lighting that provides appropriate sight for cooking. The optimum method is to select lighting that is somewhere around the middle of the lighting spectrum, lighting that is both white (for increased visibility) and warm (for a cozy, homey feel). To put it another way, avoid picking kitchen lighting that is towards the extremes of the lighting spectrum.


What is the Best Kitchen Color Light?


What hue light should I use in the kitchen? We completed the investigation to provide you the solution for your convenience.


In the kitchen, a warm white light bulb is preferable. These bulbs have a yellowish-white color and are ideal for this setting. A light with a tint of crimson is also an excellent choice; they are supposed to boost appetites and discussion! In terms of brightness, kitchens should have between 7,000 and 8,000 lumens.


Kitchen Lighting Ideas Without an Island


Are you at a loss for how to beautifully illuminate your kitchen with no island? Here, we’ll go over seven various solutions for no-island kitchen lighting. Because so many kitchens are designed with the island as the main point of the whole space, hanging pendant lighting above the island becomes a statement element for the kitchen.


However, when dealing with a kitchen that lacks an island, it might be difficult to choose the ideal approach to illuminate your room. However, you can still get creative and do so much more with it. 


There are several ways to illuminate and design a kitchen without focusing the light fixtures around the island.


Chandelier in the Center


Chandeliers in the center of the room are an excellent no-island kitchen lighting solution.  A massive chandelier helps establish the stylistic tone for the entire area by making a strong statement. If you take this route, make sure you pick one you like because it will play a large part in the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.


When selecting a center chandelier, opt for one that produces plenty of light while being diffuse and well-shaded enough to prevent you from looking at a single brilliant lightbulb.


Pot Rack Chandelier



Image source: homestratosphere


Consider a chandelier with a dual use, such as this pot rack, if you’re all about form meeting function. Items like these might seem equally at home in a rustic chic or modern industrial-style home.


Sphere Pendant Light



Image source: decorist


Recessed is the New Craze


Recessed lighting is a popular choice for tiny kitchens due to its adaptability and functionality. You’ll never have to worry about your field of vision being restricted or your lighting coverage being uneven. In the kitchen, each light should be spaced about two to three feet apart.


Use Tiered LED Chandelier to Make a Statement


Don’t be hesitant to use a chandelier that is creative or even sculptural in a modern, minimalist kitchen.


Pendant Fixture with Lantern



If you have a rustic kitchen, these pendant lights would be a great complement.


Don’t be deterred by the fact that these are advertised as island lighting fixtures. It doesn’t matter where you put them; they’d look great over a kitchen table or hanging in the middle of the room.


Island Chandelier with a Clean, Minimalist Design



Image source: shadesoflight


One more option is island chandelier, which is what it claims to be. In a long kitchen, though, it would be as effective hanging over the sink. 


Pendant Lighting that Hangs above the Sink



Image source:


Chandeliers over the sink and in the middle of a large kitchen may be desirable.


Don’t let the clash of styles overpower the rest of the decor. You can have two of the same chandelier or two that are comparable in style.