Tips for Working From Home (WFH) Lighting

Tips for Working From Home (WFH) Lighting


In order to get the most out of working from home, you’ll need a space that is welcoming, functional, cost-effective, and devoid of distractions. 



Having a messy workspace might make it harder to concentrate. With floor lamps and other lighting fixtures, debris may quickly build up, making a room appear claustrophobic and small. A lack of light makes a place seem smaller and less welcoming. Lighting and fixtures that are up-to-date may make working from home more enjoyable. 


You can improve your home office lighting with some of these ideas. This blog offers a wide variety of alternatives to assist you to change the look of your room.


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Lights off the Ground


Flow is crucial in every area. When temporary home offices seem tight or sluggish, they might become less productive. Ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted lights are one lighting option for your work from home environment. While a floor lamp might provide enough lighting, it takes up precious floor space. A plethora of floor lights or desk lamps might contribute to the clutter in your home office. 


Choosing a hanging pendant light or sconce light means opening up the space. You may rearrange objects to make more room. In general, limited space may be alleviated by draping a pendant light over your desk, freeing up important surface space where desk lights are normally located. 


Stylish Home Office Lighting  


Home office rooms should feel like an extension of your professional self. Lighting ideas for home offices include personalizing the room with design features that work for you. 


You may effortlessly personalize your lighting and modify color, text, and style at Yeelight. With us, you get to be the boss of your home office lighting design. Finding an open outlet is a breeze with bespoke plug-in pendants and sconces available in lengths of up to 30′ feet. 


Consider an expensive sconce lighting fixture or a caged bulb style. There are an infinite number of style components to experiment with. Your home office should be a place where you can perform your best work. Make it your own by using bright lighting and colorful colors that suit your requirements. 



Make a Good First Impression During Video Conferences 


Aside from increasing productivity, smart lighting solutions for your home office make it easier to do business. With everyone switching to video conferencing, lighting will be critical in ensuring that you and your workplace seem camera ready. 


A Few Pointers for a Successful Zoom Video Conference


1. Lighting. Ascertain that you are facing natural light from a window. You will appear your best as a result of this. If you don’t have access to natural light, we offer a number of lighting alternatives to help you shine on camera. 


2. Video Viewing Angle. Place your laptop on top of a stack of books or other items to bring your camera near to eye level. This will assist ensure that your greatest features are captured on video and that you don’t have any double chins. Allow some distance between yourself and the camera to minimize video distortion. 
3. Background. Take note of what is going on behind you! Instead of showing off your cluttered kitchen, show off your trendy pendant bespoke pendant light or hand-made plug-in sconce.


Use Inspiration


Your WFH space is private, so make it your own! Use this work from home lighting ideas to help you transform your home office into a place where you want to work every day. With creative lighting methods and high-quality fixtures, a new WFH place may rapidly change into a pleasant and well-designed extension of your company.